Hey there,
I’m Ono and I am an interaction designer, innovation coach and prototyper with a curiosity for the bigger picture. I’m always interested in getting in touch with people and open for new challenges.

About my work

Hi, I'm Onofrio, or just simply call me Ono! I'm an Interaction Designer currently living in Markgröningen, close to Stuttgart. Since 2017 I work for the central UX Department at Bosch. In the first two years I worked as Design Thinking and Innovation coach and facilitated workshops to enable our Bosch colleagues to work in a user centered manner. Since approximately one and a half years I'm working as a UX project lead. In this position I work with a team of designers, psycholigists and developers to make innovations at Bosch experienceable and testable. My last Project was in cooperation with Boschs Start up Platform Grow we piloted a new process to occupy a strategic business field interesting for Bosch and generate Start Ups that will dominate this business field.


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